About Halfway Through

About Halfway Through

I’m halfway done with chemo, and about a third of the way through radiation. Here’s where things stand:

My throat hurts when I eat and/or drink, and that’s thanks to the radiation. Even though the rads is highly targeted, it’s close enough to my throat to cause some issues. I’m waiting for a script for something called magic mouthwash to get to the pharmacy. It has codeine in it, so I hope it helps numb things so I can eat without feeling like I wrapped everything in sandpaper. Oh, and I can’t eat full portions of anything without getting the feeling of heartburn, and I eat mostly soft foods to avoid the throat pain.

I’m exhausted all the time, but after chemo is the worst. Mondays and Tuesdays are really hard to manage, but I’m fighting through it the best I can. I mostly sleep, go to radiation treatment, then come back home and lay around until bedtime.

On the positive side, my wheezy death-rattle cough is basically gone, and the back pain I had is very minimal now. Essentially, I’m trading one set of symptoms and side effects for new ones as this progresses.

Oh, and if anyone reading this still smokes, stop now, you dumbass. You do not want this, and you have a choice. So quit smoking right now.

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  1. I had that magic mouthwash for mono. It was the only thing that made eating or drinking bearable, and it was truly magical how well it worked. I would go from barely choking down a sip of water with incredible pain, to downing an entire meal (quickly… before it wears off!).

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