Fourth radiation in the books. What does that mean for me? 

Well I’ve been cleaning a lot more. 

My husband enjoys cooking, laundry, cleaning, and general puttering around the house. As a single mom for 20 years, everything was my responsibility. So moving in with Brian was a beautiful thing. In 2019 I’ve been a princess, doing a few chores here and there when I felt like it. I loved Every. Single. Minute. 

With the Princess lifestyle comes the reality of not knowing where the broom is stored(our roomba runs nightly). I don’t know what setting Brian washes his shirts on (he has a serious system). I don’t know where random paperwork left on the kitchen island should land. 

I feel like having less than a year of marriage under my belt doesn’t qualify me to run this household. At least not to my standards. 

So with my husband retired to our bed this weekend, I’ve been doing my best to keep the house moving while trying not to overwhelm myself with regular and holiday duties. 

It’s hard. It’s hard hearing your husband cough and clear his throat regularly, knowing it’s an unsavory intruder. It’s hard not spending that time with him while he rests and recovers. And I’m not feeling the holiday vibes, although I’ll be glad to see Rylan. 

I suppose some of you aren’t familiar with our kids. Each was raised as an only child, so sharing space when Rylan does come home has been a bit awkward for them because of their ages. Ry is 21, attends St. Edwards University in Austin and is majoring in video game design. He lives in Austin full time and works at the original Taco Joint on South Congress. Ella is almost 17, a high school junior and lives with us full time. She plays bass drum in band and is the most chill teenage girl I’ve ever encountered. I’d say Rylan is a self-proclaimed geek of the dungeon and dragons/video game variety. 

We had a nice first-time-ever blended Thanksgiving. I’m expecting the same for Christmas, but how Brian will feel is tbd. So far Brian seems to primarily just be fatigued. No nausea or other side effects. And he’s eating. All of this is very good. 

Hope that’s where we are at number 30.

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