The Biopsy

The Biopsy

We arrive at UTSW the next morning, check in, and are told this will cost us over $5,000. But hey, we’ll have met the deductible for the year! In November. yay.

We are called back, and taken to a room where I’m told to get into a very loud gown with a lovely hair net.


Now, I’m not nervous about being sedated, but I had never been under before. The team come in one after another, get my IV line in, all the leads for monitoring in place, and then it’s time to roll on back. One of the nurses asks if I want the pre-sedation cocktail, which will make things very mellow. Damn right, put that into action, sounds good.

It’s worth noting that every single person who came into my room was wonderful and very warm, going out of their way to be kind and let know exactly what was going to happen to me every step of the way.

So, she drops that cocktail in my IV, and they start rolling me down the hallway. Within 30 seconds, I am the most relaxed man on the planet. Into the room we go, where they move me onto the table, ask me some questions, then drop the mask on me. That was that, I was out.

Now, the biopsy is a procedure known as a bronchoscopy. Rather than me explain what that is, watch this video. It walks you through exactly what they did. For those of you with short attention spans, don’t worry it’s only two minutes long.

They do their thing, and then I’m wheeled back to an observation room. I hear talking, but I can’t open my eyes. Eventually, I get them open, and I can somewhat focus on the words being said. Regardless, I almost immediately started asking questions about, well, everything. I remember about 30% of that.

Part one has been answered; the cells they looked at in the room were cancer. Now we wait for the lab to come back with what type of cancer, which may be delayed because next week is Thanksgiving…

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