The Brain MRI Results

The Brain MRI Results

Just before the close of business today, Doctor Chiu’s nurse practitioner (the pulmonologist), calls and gives me the definitive word: The brain MRI is negative, no cancer in my brain. Thank you Tammy, thank you for calling and letting me know. Thank you.

Now we wait for the PET scan on December 10th. This will determine if, from the neck down, cancer is anywhere other than my right lung and the few surrounding lymph nodes. It is the final piece used to determine the stage of cancer I have. Right now, it is still considered Stage IIIa, which was supported by the negative brain MRI result. I see Doctor Chiu (pulmonologist) and Doctor Iyengar (radiation oncologist) to review the PET results the 11th, begin preparation for radiation, then Doctor Rashdan (medical oncologist) the 12th to begin preparation for chemo.

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