The Brain MRI

The Brain MRI

Off I went at holyshittooearly o’clock to Dallas to get my brain MRI. I was given a lovely set of pants and some blue socks, had an IV line inserted, and sat awaiting my time in the tube.

Captain Sexypants reporting for duty

After about an hour, I was led into the room, then placed in an iron maiden for my scan. Essentially, my head was locked in a cage with a small mirror that showed what was directly behind me, pieces of pliable plastic on either side of my arms so that they didn’t touch the MRI machine, a cord to squeeze in case of emergency, and some earplugs and headphones.

As they rolled me into the tight tube, I looked in the mirror which showed a poster of a bridge over the ocean leading to a hut. Nice, right?

Yeah, except for the miscellaneous equipment that was stacked right next to it, which kind of killed the tropical vibe. But I digress…

They asked me what music I would like to listen to. I said, “Wilco please.” They turned it on, and I couldn’t hear anything. After the first scan, I asked them to please turn it up. Massive improvement, now I could barely hear it when the MRI wasn’t running. When they came into the room to administer the contrast, I asked why I could barely hear it. They said, “Oh, it’s all the way up. This is why we have asked them to stop offering music.” Uh, cool.

After over an hour in the tube of fun, I was all done. Now off to the medical oncologist…

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