The Calming Doctor Rashdan

The Calming Doctor Rashdan

Right after the MRI, I had my appointment with the medical oncologist. I was quite anxious about the MRI results. I knew that the radiologist wouldn’t have time to review it and create a report since my next appointment was only an hour later, but would Doctor Rashdan give me any indication of what the scan showed?

When she came into the exam room, we talked about her role in my treatment; she is responsible for the chemotherapy and immunotherapy portion of my treatment plan, plus identifying genetic mutations that might exist and any treatment that this might help direct. She says that we will know more about the specific treatments we will use once the MRI and PET scan results are in.

I tell her that I just came from my MRI, and she said that while she was not a radiologist, she would take a look and see if anything obvious was there. Right in front of me, she pulled up the MRI and started scrolling back and forth through the scan, all the while I have my third moment of high anxiety; will she say “brain full of cancer” or “looks good to me?”

Finally she said that she didn’t see anything, but that the radiologist’s report would be definitive. That gave me relief, but it also made me realize just how much I’m living in these small pockets of time between every scan and doctor’s appointment, trying to compartmentalize each revelation in a way that allows me to remain calm.

We finish with discussion of what’s next, and how she and the radiation oncologist, Doctor Iyengar will work together to customize my treatment plan based on the last piece, the PET scan.

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