The Christmas with Cancer

The Christmas with Cancer

So my dream of things getting better were short-lived.

Ugh. Monday and Tuesday this week were miserable, low grade fever of about 99.0 to 99.5 – my doctors are aware – extreme fatigue, coughing, mostly stayed in bed. It took me a while to realize that I had a headache, as I never get them, but every time I coughed, I felt it in my pumpkin head. Given the constipation, I wasn’t going to take anything else until I could move things out, so to speak. Oh, and rust colored phlegm for days, what joy…

Someone suggested Miralax, which pushed things through (mostly) today. One victory at least.

Last night, I thought I was having night sweats, but I think my fever broke this morning, as I’m feeling a little better. Through the day, I keep getting incrementally better. Mind you, I’m not about to do anything other than walk to and from the bathroom, but it’s nice to be rounding back into semi-normal form. But hey, I get rads tomorrow, then chemo and rads Friday. Let the good times begin again!

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