The CT Scan

The CT Scan

Back I went to the same imaging place for the CT. They injected me with contrast and imaged away. I left and went back to work, and at this point the vague idea of cancer crossed my mind, but I thought, “you haven’t been a smoker for over 20 years, you’re young and in good health. You don’t drink any alcohol – hell, you don’t even drink caffeine – nothing to be concerned about.”

Wrong, Doctor Whaley. My doctor called me at 6:00 that night to tell me that it looked like cancer, but that I needed to go to a specialist (in this case, a referral to a thoracic surgeon) to learn more.

Nice clear image of my mass o’ fun.
Fly through my body via the magic of a CT scan! It starts from the top and moves down.
The mass shows up on the left of the screen, but that’s my right lung.

That call was one of two times when I had any significant anxiety or fear about this diagnosis. The next time comes the very next day, when I saw the thoracic surgeon…

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