The First Radiation Treatment

The First Radiation Treatment

Everything about the treatment was highly choreographed, yet very relaxed and comfortable. They called me back, talked the whole way to the changing room about what to expect, got me ready and took me to their staging area where they manage the treatment. We walked past a room with frosted glass on all sides, and there was writing on every wall. In the room, it looked like air traffic control. Very cool.

And unlike the MRI, they asked what music I wanted, I said Wilco, and Wilco is what I got through loudspeakers in the room. So far, so good…

They laid me down into the mold they made during my first visit so that my body is in the same place every time. They shifted me back into the same uncomfortable position they did for the simulation, and away we went with the treatment. Once things got started, I was completely engrossed in the machine they use to deliver the radiation. Here’s a video of the thing in action, it’s really amazing technology.

I have the full schedule of radiation and chemo now, I’ll be posting that tomorrow when I do chemo for three hours.

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  1. Some of these machines are seriously cool. The MRI and CT Scan imaging blows my mind. It’s hard to process that’s the inside of your own body you’re looking at.

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