The Unexpected Joys of Treatment

The Unexpected Joys of Treatment

After my chemo on Thursday, I slept well that night, and I actually felt really good on Friday. I thought, “Hey, this thing is starting to show positive results already!”

Yeah, that didn’t exactly pan out. Yesterday, I had the hiccups for the entire day, followed by an inability to produce the normal ration of poop. So, in all my hiccuping and straining, I think I pulled a rib muscle on the left side of my chest. This led to a horrible night’s sleep, and I had radiation this morning, which was a slog. I came home and slept about half the day, and now I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep before I have to return tomorrow morning for the next round.

I have the next two days off from treatment for xmas, which I’m very happy about.

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